Why sleep is important

Sleep does so much more for us then simply recharge our level of energy so that we can get up and do what we need to do. Sleep plays very important roles that affect how our brain functions, our physical health, and our ability to perform. Quality sleep is a crucial component of our capacity to thrive..

  • Healthy Brain Function and Emotional Well Being
    • Sleep provides time for the brain to store memories and make new neural connections that aid in ability to learn.
    • Sleep or lack thereof, affects your ability to focus, make decisions, and be creative.
    • Getting plenty of sleep helps with control of emotions and behaviors, able to think more rationally.
    • Getting the rest you need aids in coping with change and other stresses in life and reduces the risk of anxiety and depression
  •  Physical Health
    • The body heals and makes repairs to your heart and blood vessels as you sleep.
    • Lack of sleep can contribute to obesity. Sleep regulates the hormones that trigger feeling hungry and feeling full. Insulin regulation and healthy blood sugar levels rely on quality sleep.
    • Sleep contributes to proper growth and body development triggered during the stages of deep sleep.
    • The building of muscle mass and cell repair requires adequate sleep as does the immune system.
  • Daytime Performance and Safety
    • We are more productive individuals when we get the proper amount of sleep.
    • Lack of good sleep can cause something called microsleep - brief moments of sleep while awake.
    • Sleep deficiency is equivalent to alcohol intoxication in regard to performance ability, similar to drunk driving.
    • Quality sleep is a safety issue on a large-scale and lack of sleep has resulted in tragic accidents worldwide - nuclear reactor meltdowns, shipwrecks, auto accidents, and plane crashes.

Getting a good night’s sleep is important for our overall health and well being. It affects how our brain functions, our mental and physical health, and our ability to perform. With so much riding on the line, it’s very important to ensure you are doing everything necessary to get the best sleep possible.